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  • DroomCaps capsules will help you fall asleep.

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DroomCaps – Melatonin

Do you have irregular working hours or do you travel a lot and suffer from jet lag **? Then DroomCaps is the right product to help you fall asleep *.

Melatonin - also a "sleep hormone", is a hormone that the body produces itself, especially at night.
It is therefore a body substance. Melatonin regulates heart rhytm of sleeping and vigil. It is secreted by the gland in the cerebellum. When night falls, it gets dark, and this causes increased production of melatonin in the body. The body is thus "ready to sleep".

To increase the effect, the capsules also contain other calming herbs.

Content in the capsule:

Melatonin 3 mg, Lemon balm, Hops, Chamomile,
Passion fruit, Valerian, GABA, Magnesium

The capsules are made of cellulose and are therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Droom Caps are gluten-free and lactose-free.
One bottle contains 60 capsules.
Once opened, store the bottle in a refrigerator at 2 to 5 ° C.

* The beneficial effect is achieved by consuming 1 mg of melatonin shortly before bedtime.
** A beneficial effect is achieved with a minimum intake of 0.5 mg shortly before bedtime the first day of the trip and a few days after arrival at the destination.

What are the differences between DroomSap and DroomCaps?

Which product is right for you?

Composition and ingredients:
Each product has its own specific effect and application. The main difference between the products are the differences in the effect of the main components.

The main active substance in DroomSap syrup is doxylamine and in DroomCaps capsules melatonin.

The first overview describes the differences between the two key substances. Calming herbs are contained in both products and in the same way increase the effect of the main ingredients in a natural way.

The scientific basis of these recipes is based on phytotherapy (ie learning about the beneficial effects of plants and herbs).

When to use DroomCaps?
DroomCaps is a product that has a positive effect on the rhythm of sleep and being awake. 

DroomCaps can therefore help especially with irregular day-night rhythms.

It is suitable, for example, for those who have irregular working hours, have very small children or in case of time differences (so-called "jet lag") during long flights. It basically helps to prepare the body for the night and fall asleep in these conditions.

When to use DroomSap?
DroomSap is the best choice if you don't sleep or wake up often at night for a long time and then you can't sleep anymore.

So it works both when falling asleep and sleeping.

These kind of sleep problems are the most common, so most people use DroomSap as a solution.

DroomSap is a drink based on natural honey, while DroomCaps are capsules made of cellulose with a dry powder content.

Overview of differences between products



The main active ingredientdoxylaminemelatonin
ClassH1-antihistaminicumsleep hormone
Body substancenoyes
Effect on the bodycalming / sedation (sleepiness)intervention in the rhythm of day / night start of night rest
Herbs7 types5 types
Valerian rootnoyes
Magnesiumnoyes, 5mg
Honeyyes, 17%no

Overview of herbs

(doxylamine and honey)

HawthornPassion flower
ChestnutValerian root
Passion flower
California sunflower

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495 CZK
per 100 ml

In our DroomSap syrup, we use calming herbs in combination with honey and the antihistamine Doxylamine (0.326%). DroomSap syrup stimulates the sleep process and supports sleep during the night so that you wake up in the morning perfectly rested and vital.

59 CZK

DroomSap “Pocket Size” - not sure if DroomSap is the right product for you?
Try our mini DroomSap "Pocket Size" for only 59 CZK. The package contains 8 ml of syrup, which will last 3-4 nights so you can test its effectiveness.

475 CZK
60 capsules

DroomCaps contains 3 mg of melatonin, 5 calming herbs and magnesium. This combination helps you fall asleep when the day-night rhythm is disturbed (i.e. irregular working hours or jet lag). You can find the differences between DroomSap and DroomCaps here.