DroomSap syrup for good night sleep!

  • Combination of 7 herbs.
  • Calming your body and mind.
  • Supports a good night's sleep.


It stimulates the process of falling asleep and sleeping during the night thanks to a unique combination of herbs, natural honey and a small dose of Doxylamine (what is Doxylamin?)

DroomSap syrup for good sleep

Sleep is one of our basic needs, but many people still have trouble sleeping.

Research on insomnia shows that lack of sleep affects our memory, cognitive functions and even our hormones. If you can't sleep well, you don't have to go directly to your doctor, but we recommend taking insomnia seriously. There are several ways that can help you sleep better, like the variety of our calming herbs.

Discover the power of honey and herbal mix!

  • Oats: Helps strengthen, nourish and revitalize the nervous system.
  • Hops: Contains phytoestrogen and therefore can help with menopause.
  • Mistletoe: Has an anticonvulsant and calming effect.
  • Hawthorn: It can support the heart and can help maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Horse chestnut: helps to get rid of unpleasant thoughts.
  • Passion fruit: has a calming and relaxing effect.
  • California sunflower: used for nerves, nerve pain and irritability.

Organically grown
calming herbs 

In DroomSap syrup, the above organically grown herbs are used in combination with 17% natural bee honey and a little doxylamine succinate (3,26ml/mg). It is a classic antihistamine that is added to DroomSap to help you fall asleep.

The photo on the left shows an herb greenhouse from our regular herb supplier - Biosfeer from Groede in the Netherlands, which specializes in herbs and is SKAL certified. 

More about Biosfeer here

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499 CZK
per 100 ml

In our DroomSap syrup, we use calming herbs in combination with honey and the antihistamine Doxylamine (3,26ml/mg). DroomSap syrup stimulates the sleep process and supports sleep during the night so that you wake up in the morning perfectly rested and vital.

699 CZK

DroomSap Kids is a 100% natural sleeping syrup, specially developed for children from 2 years of age.
It is composed of completely natural ingredients, namely natural honey, seven organic herbs and the amino acids L-Theanine and GABA.

You can also buy DroomSap and DroomSap Kids from our partners